Shooting your video

Good sound and picture are key to a great video. Here Sanjeev Kohli offers you some basic camera techniques and key do’s and don’ts when shooting your video for Northern Lights.

The information in the video is also available to download here.

Remember if your contribution is included in the final film you’ll need to send us permission/consent forms for anyone featured in your video.

Contributor Consent Form – Please use this form to get written permission from any adults who appear in your clips when you film them. Please keep copies.

Parental Consent Form – Please use this form to get written consent from parents or guardians of any Under 18s you may be including in your film. Please keep hold of this form for at least 6 months, because you’ll need to submit it if your film is later selected for the final film.

Please see the FAQs section for information including how you will find out if your video is selected.

All our tips and suggestions are covered in the Guide To Northern Lights.

Save your Master footage

If your contribution is selected for the final film, we may need your original footage, so it is important that you keep the original copies of your footage for at least 6 months after you have submitted.

‘How to’ make your video

Sanjeev Kohli (Navid from ‘Still Game’) and ‘pals’ have very kindly made some ‘how-to’ videos for our site. So if you are looking to get hints and tips on preparing, shooting or uploading your video, get inspired, or even just…

‘How to’ get included

Northern Lights is open for more submissions! There won’t be another feature film but we will showcase all submissions on the website, championing some of the best ones on a regular basis, so keep ‘em coming!

There is a…

Make an iPhone Film

Come along to our new ‘how to video with your iPhone’ workshop and you could win our £1000 workshop award from Northern Lights.

Anyone can grab their iPhone and start videoing what they see around them. But with a little bit of…

What will I submit?

These are our questions to get you started with your videos for Northern Lights:

1. What can you see?
2. What do you wish you had seen?
3. What do you want to see in the future?

But there’s more; how do you feel…