Get inspired

So, what do you want to show us? Here are 3 simple questions to help get you started:

What can you see?
Where do you live? What can you see from your window? What do you think about where you live and your life there? It might be that you film yourself with your friends and family, or maybe you want to record some personal, social or even political event. Maybe you’ve seen someone or something interesting that you think should be on video. There are people all over Scotland who know nothing about you or the place you come from – so why not show them what you think is important. Look around you. What can you tell them about yourself and what you see?

What do you wish you had seen?
The past is important; it shows us where we’re from and how far we have come. Maybe your gran has a great story (or five), or maybe there’s a person in your community whom you have always wanted to ask about their life. Or perhaps you already have footage of an important event in your life that has shaped you? Maybe there is a funny story you want to share or a place that has a special meaning for you or your family that you would like us to see? This is your chance to capture that story, that moment, that person.

What would you like to see?
Nobody knows what the future might look like, but we all know things we would like to change. What do you think the future will hold? What are your hopes and fears? The future may also be things we choose to do; are you (or someone you know) taking steps to change the future? Your dreams may be big or small but we would like you to share them all. Whatever you choose to focus your camera on might answer just one of these questions, or all three, or it may answer none of them. Your video could be angry, funny, sad, confused, inspired, or anything you want it to be. You might share with us a brief fragment of your life, or maybe you will keep filming and sharing with us over the 3 month submission period. It is up to you!

All our tips and suggestions are covered in the Guide To Northern Lights.

‘How to’ make your video

Sanjeev Kohli (Navid from ‘Still Game’) and ‘pals’ have very kindly made some ‘how-to’ videos for our site. So if you are looking to get hints and tips on preparing, shooting or uploading your video, get inspired, or even just…

‘How to’ get included

Northern Lights is open for more submissions! There won’t be another feature film but we will showcase all submissions on the website, championing some of the best ones on a regular basis, so keep ‘em coming!

There is a…

What will I submit?

These are our questions to get you started with your videos for Northern Lights:

1. What can you see?
2. What do you wish you had seen?
3. What do you want to see in the future?

But there’s more; how do you feel…