This week our funny-man and guest editor Sanjeev Kohli was set on finding some of the Northern Lights project’s funniest submissions so far. And you guys delivered.

Here are some of Sanjeev’s top picks, rated F for Funny.

1. ‘Tartan Army
Braveheart – in the back of a van. Lent that extra frisson of danger by two elements that Mel Gibson never had to deal with: (1) Drunken hecklers and (2) No seatbelts.

2. ‘Teuchter Weather
It’s great to see some surreal stream-of-consciousness stuff delivered  in a Highlands accent. A very sharp comedy mind at work here… the “-32″ line actually made me bark, and I love the way he shouts “Wednesday!”, nailing the arbritrary speech patterns of weather presenters.

3. ‘Good Old Skelmorelie
These are two naturally funny boys, not scared of arsing things up, in fact embracing the arsing and making a virtue of the arsing! The climax of this piece is a home-made table – and it still works. It also features 15 different deliveries of the phrase “shut up” – all of them funny.

4. ‘Danny Macaskill as Jimmy Savile
A man dressed as Jimmy Savile doing some stunt-biking. Is it a tribute? Is it situationism? Who knows. It’s batshit is what it is. Unconventional, and it made me laugh.

5. ‘A Guide To Edinburgh And Scotland And History And Edinburgh
This video induced a smile-with-forehead AND laugh-out-loud undercutting of shortbread tin guides to Scotland by two very funny people. Surreal, stupid, and naturally funny. Some great punter reactions as well! I just had to pick some favourite lines – “Michael Jackson – king of porn,”  ”He knows it’s a thing,” and “it’s a Pizza Express,” got me going.

You can see all the videos in the playlist on the homepage of the site.

Next week our guest editor will be Scottish author Alan Bisset, who will be helping us find the top submissions featuring the #NLmemory – all of which will be in the running for the Best Memory award worth £750. Don’t miss it!