Northern Lights’ biggest Award is the People’s Choice Award. We’re offering you the chance to win £2500.

With such a big sum up for grabs, we hope that this cash award could be a huge help for any organisation, group, or community, who chooses to get involved in the Northern Lights project, and who can mobilise their network to vote for their submission to help run their own community projects.

Or if you’re an individual, perhaps you might give all or some of the money to a cause or organisation you support: a community centre, a charity, or even a local park.

Submissions can be footage that has already been filmed in the past, or it can be something that you video specifically for our project – what we call a ‘Direct Submission‘. We are not looking for professional finished videos, but authentic, genuine, and passionate clips of people telling us what they care about and what kind of changes they want to see. Any videos that tackle issues for Scotland will also be eligible for the Best Issue-Based Award. We’re interested in the issues that affect you, your experiences, and the story of your Scotland (not promotional videos with music, graphics and logos).

Whether you want to act alone on behalf of your organisation, or get a group involved together, we’d love to see your submissions and hear your story.

If you’re serious about winning the People’s Choice Award, mobilise your army! Why not start a Twitter campaign with a hashtag, or tell all your friends on Facebook and watch the 6 degrees of separation in action? Perhaps you could mail out a newsletter to your neighbours and community. If you have a website you could post a blog; if not, you could offer to guest blog for a local charity. Maybe connecting with some  influential tweeters will encourage them to support your cause? Use your creativity, get people involved, and you’ll increase your chances of winning.

Oh, and don’t forget us! Tag us on both Twitter and Facebook and we’ll push your cause too. (To do that on Facebook, all you have to do is ‘Like’ our page then type @WeAreNorthernLights – and Facebook will do the rest!)

If your organisation or community is vying for the People’s Choice Award, or even just wants to get started, don’t forget that we can help you to host your own workshop.

What are you waiting for? Pick up a camera!