We Are Northern Lights will open in Cineworld cinemas throughout
Scotland on Friday the 3rd of May.

Cineworld will screen the film for a full week; daytime and evening,
in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Falkirk.

This is historic news – we are the first Scottish documentary ever to
have a release with a national cinema multiplex. That fact is simply
downright brilliant, but to make this the storming success it deserves to
be we still need your help!

Like all cinema chains, Cineworld will decide how many screenings
they’ll give us based on the number of people who see it
during the opening weekend. This means the Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th
and Sunday 5th screenings need to be busy to give the film the best
chance of being seen by as many folk as possible throughout the the run.

If we do really well they might even put us on the following week
and maybe we’ll even poach some screen-time from Iron Man 3 or Star Trek 2!
and why not?

We might not be Hollywood but We Are Northern Lights!
So come on lets get behind our ‘national home movie’
- a film about us, made by us – best seen on the BIG screen!

So what can you do to help?

1) Share our trailer

2) Get your friends to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

3) Lift that phone and tell everyone you know that the
film is on daytime and evenings at Cineworld from Friday the 3rd of May.

4) Book tickets with Cineworld here!

Time to share Our World with Cineworlds!

Big cheers,

& all the team