Award: Best Funny Submission – £750


LOL. Best Funny Submission is awarded to the funniest submission to Northern Lights.

The winner of this award is selected by comedy actor and writer Sanjeev Kohli and Northern Lights Creative Director, Nick Higgins.


Ryan Macleod and Dee Custance - A Guide To Edinburgh And Scotland And History And Edinburgh

Two fine comedy minds showing a healthy regard for surrealism & a healthy disregard for the Scottish tourist industry. This video induced a smile-with-forehead AND laugh-out-loud undercutting of shortbread tin guides to Scotland by two very funny people. Surreal, stupid, and naturally funny. Some great punter reactions as well! I just had to pick some favourite lines – “Michael Jackson – king of porn,” ”He knows it’s a thing,” and “it’s a Pizza Express,” got me going. - Sanjeev Kohli


Scott Ironside – Teuchter Weather
This man is one to watch. Clearly semi-improvised and fully funny. Good to hear post-modern comedy in this accent. - Sanjeev Kohli

Tim Riches – Dirty Dozen Plus One
It’s funny. For a while. Then it stops being funny. Then it starts getting funny again. This is the comedy of repetition in its purest form. It also disproves the theory that persistence will win the day. The ram will never conquer the car, and neither will he groom it for mounting. - Sanjeev Kohli