Award: Best Workshop Submission – £1000

Best Workshop is awarded to the best submission to have come from a Northern Lights workshop. This includes all group, pop-up, and host your own workshops.

The winner of this award is selected by Northern Lights Creative Director, Nick Higgins.

Best Workshop Award Winners

After much deliberation, it was much too difficult to pick just one workshop! To make it fair to all workshop submissions, we have decided to split the award 50/50 between one Group Workshop and one Pop-up Workshop.

The winners are…
Group workshop: Graham Bell - I Can’t Remember My Name
This workshop submission blew us away with its message of courage, hope, and love. After his stroke, Graham Bell forgot how to do the simplest things – but he has put together this amazing video about his appreciation for life. Congratulations, Graham!

Pop-Up Workshop: Calum Maclean - At The Falls
Calum Maclean showed us what he could see: the changing landscape. As the water around the falls swelled, he took a wee swim. Calum’s Scotland is wild and free, and we thank him for sharing it with us in all its beauty, hope, and fun. Well done, Calum!