Award: Best Non-English Submission – £750

Best Non-English Submission is awarded to the best non-English submission submission to Northern Lights.

The winner of this award is selected by Scottish film producer Christopher Young and Northern Lights Creative Director, Nick Higgins.


Àdhamh Ó Broin – Clach a’ Bhainne
I love hearing Gaelic from Argyll – it’s always a good thing in my books! All too often these magical roadside spots are ignored, so it is great to see the milk stone being brought center stage in this film. Someone should make a Gaelic odyssey round Scotland highlighting places like this. – Chris Young



Eva Kourova – Grimey Life
This is such a welcome addition to Scottish contemporary culture, nice work! This film has a great energy to it. I love the double exposure of a different image across the base layer, I feel like I’m driving in a city at night! This film encapsulates the Northern Lights ideal direct response – it’s short and very sweet, with compelling intention and focus. – Chris Young

Martina Camatta – Open Eyes (Occhi aperti)
What a melancholic and tender film, I like the evocation of the minds eye in contrast to ‘sight’ and I really like some of the landscape shots, particularly in the first half, it felt like you’d caught something very brief and beautiful. The music is perfectly chosen and blends image and words together seamlessly. – Chris Young