Award: Best Creative Submission – £750

Best Creative submission is awarded to the submission which answers one of the three main Northern Lights questions in the most creative way.


Susan Tarkenter – Listen

A vibrant, simple sound portrait of interesting day-to-day noises transforms unexpectedly into a moving document of subjective experience, making for a film that achieves an impressively affecting emotional trajectory over a short space of time. Both inclusive and highly personal, this work uses film to make direct sensory and emotional connections, and succeeds in taking us on a memorable journey. - Hannah McGill

Runners Up

Emily Ward – Culra Bothy Project
An inconsequential conversations spins out as a beautiful old wilderness bothy occupies its place in the landscape and plays host to nature’s changes. An atmospheric film that reminds us of the simple, generous concept of the shared travellers’ house. - Hannah McGill


Kate Burton – Wild Lines
Ravishing photography finds lines and patterns in natural and man-made structures, from weather-worn graffiti on walls to fleeting patterns of light in dilapidated buildings. The work of an artist’s eye, which finds beauty in improbable places and resonances between disparate forms. - Hannah McGill